Stop My Dues TV Commercials

If you caught any of the “Stop My Dues” television ads you might have some lingering questions about “opting-out” such as “Why should I opt-out of my union and enroll with EEZEE Choice?” (See “Stop My Dues FAQs” page). 

There are many important features you should be aware of including the fact that there is no requirement for you to leave the union to be a full Participant in EEZEE Choice Protection & Benefits. Indeed, you may choose to continue to pay union dues while you evaluate EEZEE Choice as an additional layer of protection and benefits for you and your family. Then, when you make the decision to save the money that you’ve been paying every year to the union, your EEZEE Choice affiliated attorney will help you stop those deductions from your check while preserving your most important rights and entitlements at a fraction of the cost. 

“Working In The Dark”

Text: “How long are you gonna work in the dark? Civil Service Workers. Did you know that back in 2018 the US Supreme Court ruled that you’re constitutionally protected to opt-out of your union? You keep your job, your hours and benefits AND you don’t have to pay over-priced union dues. Now there’s a choice… Get better protection and benefits for less than you’re paying the union. Go to “” to find out more.”

Will & Clara “Tonight”

Text: “Tonight, city workers are struggling and their unions have been letting them down for years. But, thanks to a U.S. Supreme Court ruling, Civil Service workers now have a choice! I can Stop My Dues and get better protection and benefits for less than I’m paying the Union. Go to “” to find out more.”

Will & Clara “This Morning”

Text: “Thanks to the Supreme Court, civil servants now have a choice. I choose to “Stop My Dues”! Today I’ll start my shift with better protection and benefits without the burden of outta control Union dues. Get better protection and benefits for less than you’re paying the union. Go to “” and start today.”

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