Hearing “Stop My Dues” for the first time? You probably have some questions.

EEZEE Choice provides a modern alternative to the high cost and one-size-fits-all approach of union membership. In this FAQ section you can find answers to many of the common questions that arise when considering making the decision to stop your dues and save money.

EEZEE Choice will be updating this section as the workplace evolves and legislative conditions change. Check this section often to get the latest facts about stopping your dues and how EEZEE Choice Protection & Benefits can better meet the needs of you and your family.

Q: If I opt-out do I get the same pay and benefits as union members?

A: Yes. You are entitled to the exact same pay, vacation time, sick leave, work assignment and all other contractual rights of your employment. In fact, as a Civil Servant you are entitled to all of the same rights, benefits and protections negotiated with your government employer. See “Stop Your Dues. Keep Your Rights.”

Q. Can I opt-out of my civil service union?

A. Yes. All government employees have the right to stop paying dues by opting-out of their union. The US Supreme Court decision in Janus vs. AFSCME grants this right to civil service workers. Qualifying workers now have the opportunity to enroll in an EEZEE Choice Protection & Benefits plan while preserving their pay and benefits. Take the quick “See If You Qualify” questionnaire and find out if EEZEE Choice is right for you.

Q: Isn’t this just “Union Busting”?

A: No, it is not. EEZEE Choice was created to finally give Civil Servants the choice they’ve been waiting for. EEZEE Choice is not against organized labor nor collective bargaining. It’s simply a better deal for our civil service workers who have been let down by their unions. (See “Why EEZEE Choice Was Created”).

Q: Is my job safe if I opt-out?

A: Absolutely. Opting-out is not a legal basis for termination nor any other sanction. Your government employer cannot discipline you for exercising your constitutional right to opt out of your union. Participants in EEZEE Choice retain all of the entitlements under decisional law protecting your title, employment contract and legislated worker rights. (Read More “Stop Your Dues. Keep Your Rights”)

Q: What can my union do if I opt-out and enroll in EEZEE Choice?

A: Nothing you’ll miss. The union can bar you from attending union meetings, voting on union issues and running for union office. Studies show that most workers rarely, if ever, attend union meetings and even fewer seek union office. The union can decline to advocate for you in workplace grievances. The good news is that you no longer need to rely on the union to pick your representative. EEZEE Choice will provide an experienced attorney focused in labor law to fight for you. Additionally you keep your pay, benefits and other rights equal to those that choose to stay in the union (See “Stop Your Dues. Keep Your Rights.”).

Q: How long after I opt-out can I expect more money in my paycheck?

A: About 30 days. Once your government employer and union are properly notified, union dues deductions must stop immediately. This process typically takes one month’s time. 

Q: Can EEZEE Choice help me opt-out of my union?

A: Yes.  EEZEE Choice is committed to making your transition as simple and favorable as possible. EEZEE Choice provides the EZC-OOA opt-out form, instructions and legal assistance in your opt-out process. Your EEZEE Choice affiliated law firm will make all mandatory notifications to your employer and the union required to stop your payroll dues deductions.

These valuable services are included with your enrollment in EEZEE Choice at no additional cost.

Q: Why should I opt-out of my union and enroll with EEZEE Choice?

A: It’s A Better Deal for Workers. The US Supreme Court granted Civil Service Workers the freedom to stop paying union dues. EEZEE Choice was created to offer an alternative solution, providing better worker protection and benefits at a fraction of the cost while retaining all of the rights achieved through legislation and collective bargaining.  (See “Why EEZEE Choice Was Created”).

Q: If the union no longer defends me for a disciplinary charge or stands up for me in a grievance, who will?

A: An EEZEE Choice Certified Attorney.  As an EEZEE Choice Participant you will be represented by an experienced labor law firm with a proven record of success. This coverage is provided FREE of charge or at greatly discounted rates based on your preferred plan.

Q: I am a government employee. If I stop my dues will I lose my dental, vision and prescription coverage?

A: You Keep Those Benefits. Your Dental, Vision and Prescription Drug or other benefits paid for by your employer continue even after opting out. Your union dues DO NOT pay for these benefits. You and your dependents are entitled to receive the same health benefits as those that still pay union dues.

Q: What happens to my Annuity Fund Account?

A: It remains unchanged. If you are a New York City civil service worker entitled to an Annuity Fund contribution, you will continue to receive your share of these payments without interruption. 

Q: Does my family keep their health coverage if I opt-out?

A: Yes. Your family continues to be protected. You and your family will still receive all of the employer provided health coverage as part of your wage and benefit compensation.

Q: If I’m no longer a union member, who will negotiate the next contract with my employer?

A: The union. The US Supreme Court ruled that non-dues paying workers must receive the same wages and benefits as employees who continue to pay union dues. The union will remain obligated to negotiate contracts with your government employer for all workers in your civil service title. 

Q: Do I have to leave my union to get EEZEE Choice Protection & Benefits?

A: Not necessarily. This is a great time to try out EEZEE Choice. If you are not ready to end your interactions with the union you may choose to continue to pay union dues while you evaluate EEZEE Choice as an additional layer of protection and benefits for you and your family. Then, when you make the decision to save the money that you’ve been paying in union dues, EEZEE Choice will help you stop those deductions from your check while preserving your most important rights and entitlements at a fraction of the cost.

Q. I am a retired civil servant. Is there a special EEZEE Choice Plan for me?

A: Not yet but soon. EEZEE Choice is committed to providing options for protection and benefits to all civil service workers, active and retired. Innovative Plans are now being structured to meet the specific needs of civil servants who have loyally served the public up to their retirement. EEZEE Choice is preparing to offer EEZEE Choice for Retirees™ in the near future. These plans will provide comparable service and support to the currently available EEZEE Choice plans and will be provided at even greater discounts. Full details of those plans will be announced through all EEZEE Choice websites, social media accounts and timely promotions.

Q: Is EEZEE Choice only available to civil service workers?

A: EEZEE Choice is for everyone. EEZEE Choice plans are available to anyone who is 18 years or older and lives within the current EEZEE Choice service area*. With simple, inexpensive terms and a growing list of protections and benefits EEZEE Choice is a great option for any worker that wants the added peace-of-mind that these customized plans provide.

(*Additional limitations may apply: See the “Terms & Policies” section of this website) 

Q: What if I have more questions that haven’t been covered here?

A: Use the Contact EEZEE Choice Messenger. EEZEE Choice provides many resources to assist you in your decision to opt-out and stop paying dues. For questions before you enroll, contact support with the EEZEE Choice Online Message Center. EEZEE Choice Participants can also use take advantage of expanded support including FREE consultation time with experienced attorneys.

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