Legal Services: Plans to Match Your Needs

Included with your EEZEE Choice enrollment is a range of free and discounted legal services matched to your Bronze, Silver or Gold Protection & Benefits plan. Please note that terms and limitations apply to each of these legal services and factors such as local, state and federal laws may determine the level of coverage. The areas of coverage included* in these packages are listed below:

Bronze Plan Bronze Plan
Bronze Plan Bronze Plan
Silver Plan Bronze Plan
Gold Plan Gold Plan
Free Telephone Consultations with an attorney on legal matters1,2 Up to 2hrs/Mo. Up to 4hrs/Mo. Up to 8hrs/Mo.
Reduced Personal Injury Attorney Fee Rates1,3
(Standard Rates: 33.33%)
30% 28% 25%
Internal and External Agency Investigations Reduced Rates1,4
Report Writing
Telephone consultation
(Standard Fee: $300)



Formal Testimony
Attorney attended
(Standard Fee: $1,000)
500 300 FREE
Disciplinary Defense Reduced Rates1,4
Pre-Trial Representation
(Standard Fee: $1,500)
1250 1000 FREE
Trial Representation
(Standard Fee: $7,500)
5000 3000 FREE
Post-Trial Argument to employer
(Standard Fee: $1,500)
1250 1000 FREE
Grievance Processing Reduced Rates1,4
Pre-Filing Telephone Consultation
(Standard Fee: $150)
Preparation for Filing
(Standard Fee: $200)
Legal Arguments & Hearings
(Standard Fee: $3,000)
2000 1500 FREE
Real Estate Matters – Single & Two Family Homes1
House Closing Purchases
with Mortgage
(Standard Fee: $2,500)
2200 2000 1700
w/o Mortgage
(Standard Fee: $2,000)
1500 1350 1200
House Closing Sales
Homes Under $400k
(Standard Fee: $2,500)
2200 2000 1700
Homes Over $400k
(Standard Fee: $3,000)
2600 2300 2000
Landlord Tenant Matters
Landlord Representation
Holdover Case
(Standard Fee: $1,000)
800 800 800
Commercial Holdover Case
(Standard Fee: $1,500)
1000 1000 1000
Tenant Representation
Residential Tenant
(Standard Fee: $275/hr)
225/hr 200/hr 150/hr
Commercial Tenant
(Standard Fee: $275/hr)
250/hr 225/hr 180/hr
Foreclosure Defense or Loan Modifications
(Standard Fee: $400/hr)
375/hr 340/hr 295/hr

Disability Pension Matters

5% Off 10% Off 15% Off
Small Claims Court Actions1 FREE Free Free
 Article 78 Proceedings 
(Standard Fee: $10.000)
9,500 9,000 8,500
Preparation of Written Petition Included Included Included
Court Authorized Appearances Included Included Included
Discrimination Matters
(Standard Fee: $400/hr)
375/hr 340/hr 295/hr
Divorce and Child Custody Matters
(Standard Fee: $400/hr)
375/hr 340/hr 295/hr
Wills, Trusts and Estate Matters
Simple Will (Standard Fee: $600) 550 500 450
Power of Atty., Healthcare Proxy & Living Will (Standard Fee: $750) 675 600 525
Traffic Infraction Defense – Moving & Non-Moving Violations (Standard Fee: $790) 690 640 540
Contract Dispute – Starts with 1hr Free Consultation
Plaintiff/Defense Representation
(Standard Fee: $450/hr)
400/hr 350/hr 300/hr
Social Security Disability Benefits Expenses1,3
(Typical Expenses: $400)
300 250 200
Criminal Defense1 — Free Initial Consultation & Discounted Legal Fees —
Workers’ Compensation Claims1 — Free Initial Consultation & No Fees Unless You Win —

These legal plans are exclusive to EEZEE CHOICE participants. These preferred rates and coverages cannot be transferred to non-participants. The participant must continue to be enrolled with EEZEE CHOICE at the discounted plan level for the duration of the entire period of legal representation for the participant themselves and their families to remain eligible for these special rates. For further information and help concerning the legal services provided through EEZEE Choice, please refer to the EEZEE Terms & Policies pages here.

1 Limitations may apply. Please refer to the Terms & Policies section.
2 Unused alotted Telephone Consultation time does not roll over.
3 Social Security Disability Benefits Expenses not include hourly legal work.
4 Select EEZEE Choice Legal Services may be limited or not available to retirees. See Terms & Policies EEZEE Choice for Retirees section for more information.

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